New Course: Islam, Women, and Feminism

232 New Cabell Hall

This course will critically examine the diversity of women’s status, roles, and experiences in Muslim societies. We will learn how Muslim women shape and are shaped by their local Islamic/ate life-worlds as well as the wider global forces. The topics will include identity politics, orientalism, colonialism, postcolonialism, Islamic feminism, veiling, sexuality, women’s activism, subjectivity, agency, piety, secularism, modernity, nationalism, neoliberalism, civil society and the state.
This course will draw on multiple disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, history, Islamic studies, literature and media. As such, we will develop an in-depth comparative perspective on the variety of ways in which Muslim women inhabit their gendered identities. Throughout the course, rather than working in the abstract categories of Islam and patriarchy, deemed to be essentialist, immutable, and ahistorical, we will instead locate the issues of Muslim women in their own specific sociopolitical and historical contexts. We will use the feminist theory of “intersectionality” by critically situating gender at the intersections of religion, culture, ethnicity, family, nation-state, nationalist movements, laws, social institutions, economic realities, class dynamics, and political ideologies.

MESA 3559, Section 004

Islam, Women, and Feminism

Feyza Adli

Th 3:30 PM - 6:00 PM

232 New Cabell Hall

TEDxUVA Conference 2016: Sights Unseen - Farzaneh Milani

Click here to visit the MESALC video archive and watch department chair, Farzaneh Milani, give a TEDx talk!

UVA Alumna Speaks Truth in the Middle East - and faces Punishment

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Arabic Placement Test

Arabic placement tests will begin on Monday, August 22nd. Contact Bilal Humeidan for scheduling. The tests will be administered by Suad Mohamed.

Shea Into Summer

Shea House


Thursday, April 28th, the Shea House invited faculty and students representing seven languages taught in the College of Arts and Sciences to have an end of the year dinner. With catering by Kuma and Kabob Palace, guests enjoyed a wide variety of foods from the Asian continent. This event, Shea into Summer!, is one of two annual events put on by the Shea House Language Staff that bring together students and teachers in the immersive-language environment of the House. Throughout the year the Shea House language groups host similar events with greater focus on the languages and cultures of the House: Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Hebrew, Hindi-Urdu, Japanese, and Korean. Shea into Summer! may mark the end of this academic year, but the Shea House is already preparing for the beginning of the fall semester and the incoming and returning staff and residents will have events like this to look forward to in the future. 

Written by Adrienne Resha, Program Facilitator of Shea House

UVA in Bhutan

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