Samhita Sunya

Assistant Professor

Ph.D, Rice University, 2014


Middle East studies, South Asia studies, world film history, sound studies, visual culture, postcolonial theory, contemporary literature

B041 New Cabell Hall

Office Hours

W 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Class Schedule:

Spring 2017

Tu 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM: "Cinephilia & Global Modernity"

We 6:00 PM 0 8:30 PM: "A Thousand and One Nights at the Cinema"

Fall 2016

Tu 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM: "Transnational Circuits of Cinema: Middle East - South Asia Film History"

We 6:00 PM 0 8:30 PM: "Cinematic Shakespeare: Middle East – South Asia Histories of Shakespeare on Film”



After completing my PhD at Rice University (2014), I joined the American University of Beirut as an Assistant Professor of Visual Culture.  My location in Lebanon for two years (2014 - 2016) complemented my earlier fieldwork at the National Film Archive of India, enabling me to further probe postwar circulation histories of Hindi film/songs across the Middle East.  I have been working on a manuscript titled Sirens of Modernity: Postwar Cartographies of World Cinema Via Hindi Film/Songs, which historicizes the emergence of “world cinema” as a category in the politics of the Cold War, and the manner in which Hindi film/songs negotiated this category.  My interests span world film history; Asian cinemas; intersections of audio-visual media and literature; and sound studies.  I also have a curatorial background in the collaborative administration of film series and festivals.  I teach survey courses and specialized seminars in Middle East - South Asia film histories, in addition to Middle East - South Asia-focused thematic courses on topics such as cinephilia, adaptation, and genre; methods courses in areas such as film programming, sound studies, and film festival studies; among so many other possibilities that lie ahead! 

Select publications:

2017 – “Moving Towards prem nagar: An Intimate Genealogy of the ‘City of Love’ and the Lyrical Worlds of Hindustani Film Songs,” in “Aesthetics of Space in Indian Cinema” Special Issue of positions: asia critique 25:1, Duke University Press, pp. 51-99

2016 – Film Festival Review – Cultural Resistance International Film Festival of Lebanon. In Jadaliyaa E-zine, Arab Studies Institute

2013 – “‘It is Written’ (in Invisible Ink): Slumdog Millionaire's Sfx and the Realist Overwriting of Bollywood Spectacle,” Ajay Gehlawat Ed., The Slumdog Phenomenon: A Critical Anthology, Anthem Books: 2013, pp. 121-139.

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